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For 30 years our network of specialists has been financing and supporting business creators for a more responsible and responsible economy in all French territories in France and the overseas territories.
140 branches and 360 offices
180,000 people financed since its creation
2000 employees and volunteers

Adie’s business model relies on the support of its partners, communities, businesses, banks, sponsors, public authorities, and self-financing. The diversity of its resources gives it the durability and independence it needs to carry out its action.

Adie is a large French association present throughout the territory. We defend the idea that everyone, even without capital, even without a degree, can become an entrepreneur if they have access to credit and professional, personalized support based on trust, solidarity and responsibility.

We do not accept the waste of talent that would make in France the creation of business would be reserved for those who have money, diplomas or relationships!

Our action
We finance any type of professional activity up to € 10,000.
Our specialists provide a personalized and free follow-up for each project.
We fight against the brakes and the stereotypes, so that anyone who wishes can become an entrepreneur.

Whatever your job
restaurateur, hairdresser, designer, travel agent, driver, video game developer, photographer, market gardener, sophrologist, painter, grocery manager, llama farmer … Bring only your determination and your talent!

Where you are
throughout the French territory, metropolitan and overseas.

Whatever your status
looking for a job, employee, micro-entrepreneur, SARL, etc., you are welcome!