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Entrepreneurs du Monde

Entrepreneurs du Monde, founded in 1998, is a French public interest association which works with populations in developing countries. The organisation helps thousands of women and men living in extremely difficult circumstances to improve their living conditions, by supporting their own entrepreneurial ventures and giving them access to products which can bring significant health, economic and environmental benefits. Entrepreneurs du Monde helps these people create the conditions they need to become successful, and in turn make economic and social progress.

Entrepreneurs du Monde works in three particular areas:
Social microfinance: Entrepreneurs du Monde offers financial services (loans, savings, insurance, etc.) and socio-economic services (training, individual supervision, referral to other specialised agencies, etc.) to female market traders, dressmakers, hairdressers, farmers and others working within the informal economy, to help them develop their businesses and improve their daily lives.
Support for the creation of very small businesse: Entrepreneurs du Monde encourages crafters and basic service providers to set up very small businesses (VSB), and it supports some young people to find employment.
Access to energy: Entrepreneurs du Monde enables the distribution of products which provide significant health, economic and environmental benefits: gas stoves; improved wood or charcoal stoves; solar-power kits. This area of operation serves as an incubator for social and environmental innovation, benefitting the families that Entrepreneurs du Monde supports. It encourages the development of a local network of independent social enterprises, managed by local entrepreneurs.

The modern and economical equipment it offers through its access to energy programmes improves the living conditions of beneficiaries, reduces the risk of poisoning and contributes to a reduction in large-scale deforestation.