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Fondazione Verga

The association was founded in Milan in 1978 as a Study Center dedicated to the phenomenon of migration with the aim of remembering and continuing the activity of the deceased Franco Verga (1929 – 1975), founder in 1963 of the Immigrant Orientation Center (IOC), a private entity of public utility involved in assisting Italian immigrants who moved from the south of the peninsula to the north.

Since 1980, the association has expanded its aims increasingly turning to citizens from other European and non-European countries.

Today the association operates in the Milan area thanks to a staff of professional operators, collaborators and volunteers, in close collaboration with a dense network of associations, organizations, economic, cultural and social subjects of the city territory.

The Association “Franco Verga Foundation – COI” develops numerous projects in the Milan area, all aimed at promoting the rights and improving the quality of life of foreigners, facilitating integration and intercultural dialogue and contributing concretely to the fight against poverty and social exclusion.

Fondazione Verga offers services every day that aim to support immigrants and refugees in their integration path:
Guidance and advice desk: Our guidance desk offers a listening space and provides up-to-date information on immigration issues and legislation.
Job orientation: We offer an individualized service to meet the specific needs of each user. We try to support people to build a realistic professional project.
Language and Culture: We are convinced that for immigrant populations the knowledge of Italian language and culture is one of the main resources to favor an equal integration in the host society.