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ICEI (Istituto Cooperazione Economica Internazionale) is a non-profit association committed to international solidarity, development cooperation, research and training. Established in 1977 in Milan, it started conducting research and training initially on East-West issues and then on North-South relationships. ICEI has been working in Europe (Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina), in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador Dominican Republic, Paraguay and Uruguay), Africa (Niger, Mozambique, DRC, Tanzania) and Asia (Sri Lanka and Myanmar).
In Italy ICEI promotes information and research activities as well as social cohesion and co-development projects in favor of vulnerable metropolitan residents.
ICEI is an association committed to social promotion, strengthening democracy, widening individual and collective rights, and implementing equal opportunities at the economic, gender and cultural levels.
Misson: To conceive, design and implement cooperation programmes with local communities, in a perspective of widening democratic spaces and rights, to promote social cohesion and the creation of fair employment, to contribute to the protection of environment and cultures in Italy, in Europe and worldwide.