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KMOP is a non-profit organisation, founded in 1977, being thus one of the oldest Greek NGOs with 40 years of accumulated experience in supporting disadvantaged groups. KMOP is committed to kindling a better world. That is a world that rests on a foundation of sustainable development, social growth, and individual well-being.

We believe that a prerequisite for building a better world is addressing the underlying causes of vulnerability by building resilience of individuals and communities to anticipate, resist and recover from the risks that shifting societal, technological and environmental developments create.

A focus on resilience places empowerment and human development square at the center of our work. Resilience is enabled by building stronger bridges among individuals, groups and communities. Once empowered, communities are better able to build individual capacities to cope with hazards and tackling the root causes of vulnerability, such as unemployment and social exclusion, poverty, discrimination, inequality and inadequate access to resources and livelihoods.

We work with the public and private sectors, as well as with civil society to drive solution-oriented, knowledge-based interventions that are crucial to fostering resilience and making the world a better place to live.

KMOP’s main areas of expertise include social welfare and health, employability and human rights protection, scientific research and development of know-how in social policy and social protection issues.

Apart from direct provision of services through decentralised community based facilities (Three Group Houses and one Day Care Centre for mentally ill, as well as counseling centers in various towns), KMOP is also actively involved in both national and international projects, addressing social issues particularly focusing on low-skilled youth and long term unemployed, victims of violence and trafficking, disabled, elderly, migrants and minorities.