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Les Papeteries


CITIA brings together players in this sector, and is responsible for managing Les Papeteries IMAGE FACTORY. We are building an ecosystem which will nurture your business and projects. It takes the shape of a space where creatives can both live and develop professionally. CITIA, the organizer of the International Animation Film Festival and Market, defines its mission in three complementary areas:

Culture: bringing animation to a wider audience.
Economics: developing a local economic centre for creative industries,
Training and research: supporting training programmes linked to the production of images.

The regional Creative Industries sector boasts a number of excellent schools and training programmes which, every year, turn out a raft of exceptional talent! The Les Papeteries – Image Factory incubator gives priority access to companies working in the creative industries linked to animation, multimedia production, video games, editing, comic books, software, info-graphics, post-production, media, networks, services (law, training); or more generally, companies involved in content production. Incubators are solutions for hosting entrepreneurs and start-ups throughout a transitional period of up to two years while keeping costs down.