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M-UP – Network for Migrant Entrepreneurs to Scale Up and Grow

The newly created network brings together expert organisations from across Europe to help migrants navigate the challenges of turning their existing microbusiness into a successful small to medium sized enterprise (SME).
To achieve this we take a bottom up approach. M-UP wants the entrepreneurs to be our guides, we engage with them directly, finding out the challenges and problems they face when growing a business; what they perceive and think when doing so and what they need do this better.
We reach out to entrepreneurs, who are at different points along their journey; including:
1. Those that have successfully transitioned to a SME
2. Those that are on the path to doing so
3. Those that have potential but have not started yet
M-Up shares these findings and work collaboratively to create transnational, scalable solutions that tackle the problems head on.
We use our findings to advocate for government policy changes and ultimately break down the barriers that prevent migrant entrepreneurs from creating successful businesses and improve communities and economies in their new countries.