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The MicroLab Onlus Association is a non-profit organisation that’s been operating in Italy since 2003 exclusively for the purpose of social solidarity, helping people with social and economic difficulties.

MicroLab’s goals are to:
– favour valorisation, promotion and development of self-employment and entrepreneurial activity for young people and people in difficult situations, as a tool to guarantee development and social inclusion;
– assist and support setting up and developing businesses, micro-enterprises and startups, also through a network of voluntary Mentors;
– provide self-employment education and training for young people under 35 throughtraining courses (Up To Youth) and with projects for transition from school to work.

Through a network of voluntary Mentors MicroLab assists and supports the establishment and development of micro-enterprises, small business and other initiatives by people who, if they don’t receive adequate support, run the risk of becoming economic-social outcasts.