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ReVive Greece

REvive Greece is a registered non-profit organization focusing on teaching computer programming, which is an in-demand skill, to help young people get employed as software developers.

We help our students become software developers by training them on computer programming. No prior coding experience is needed, just basic computing skills.
We guide them to start their professional career. We assign mentors to coach them, prepare them for employment, and support them through our network to find a job. Then it is up to them how far they will go. Only the sky is the limit!

We teach young people from vulnerable groups (e.g., Greek unemployed, refugees, migrants, etc.) who want to start their career as software developers. We’re looking for people who are highly talented, motivated, and willing to put in a lot of hours to become great at coding. All applicants must have at least an intermediate level in English (after all, English is the universal language of coding)