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SavingBuddies is a non-profit association based in Berlin. The organization was founded in 2014 as a social initiative and spin-off of the Spanish organization ACAF (Asociación de Comunidades Autofinanciadas).
We invest passion in the project because we believe in its utility and impact, and we continue to develop it. Donations, public funding, and a small amount of membership fees cover our expenses, thus facilitating our work, which to a large extent is voluntary.
Money and social goals seem to be incompatible in the eyes of many people at first sight. However, we think that as long as we leave banks, high earners and large earners, shareholders and large corporations alone with the topic, economic participation will always be reserved for only a part of the people.
We do not work against the existing system, but create access points of which there are far too few – through financial education and self-organization. And we motivate people with good goals to be interested in money so that they can have a say and a say.