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SINGA Italia promotes the creation of meeting spaces, the exchange and collaboration between migrants and refugees and Italian society. It promotes living together, cultural enrichment and job creation.

Thanks to sustainable programs we support newcomers (migrants, refugees and beneficiaries of international protection) in their path of socio-economic inclusion. From the learning of a language to the acquisition of new skills, from knowledge of the labor market to the birth of an entrepreneurial journey, SINGA Italia connects talents and experiences to restore vitality to the Italian economy and society.

SINGA is a network of organizations present in 8 countries in the world: Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Quebec, Morocco and the United Kingdom. The SINGA community brings together more than 20,000 people including refugees, students, migrants, professionals, second generation migrants, collaborators of non-profit organizations, private companies and universities. Through its community, SINGA mobilizes civil society and identifies new opportunities to support newcomers in their path to socio-economic inclusion. Singa Italia has two running projects on professional mentoring and a business lab.

SINGA believes in an inclusive society that embraces diversity and in an innovative and open economy that allows anyone to realize their social and creative potential, regardless of their origins.

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