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Singa Belgium

In 2016 in Brussels, a group of citizens became aware of the difficulty for newcomers to meet residents of the host city and to participate actively in civic life in Belgium.

However, social contacts greatly influence the learning and practice of a national language, the knowledge of its new cultural and geographical environment as well as the opportunities for work, housing and leisure.

At SINGA, we propose to create spaces of meeting, exchange and collaboration between newcomers and locals. The goal is to build a society rich in diversity, where everyone, regardless of their origin, can fully realize their potential.

SINGA is above all a community of professionals, artists, athletes, students … It is a community of human beings who wish to know and understand each other. At SINGA, everyone has the opportunity to join or carry out projects and activities of their choice, to animate workshops, meetings, activities and, in so doing, to become an active member of the community. We organize cooking, theater, football, running, wellness (between women), board games, writing … and many more are under development! Participation is free.