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In early September 2015, Theo and Eymeric meet on the banks of the ESCP. They wanted to undertake, want concrete, movement and commitment. The refugee crisis was in the background, they refused the prevailing miserabilism and preferred, rather than talk about problems, seize an opportunity thinking potential, solutions and long-term gains for our host society. To end the waste of talent, on September 15, 2015 they decide to create Wintegreat.
Wintegreat is a founding value: optimism! It’s “integrate” with “Win” in front and “great” behind

Wintegreat is a social startup whose mission is to revive the professional projects of refugees. Wintegreat has developed a simple and innovative solution to enable leading schools and universities to engage with a double impact: on the refugees, who reveal their potential, a return to professional career to meet their requirements and students, doing the experience of their citizenship.
At the same time, it is a unique ecosystem for a reliable and credible relocation of refugees for companies seeking to diversify their recruitment and sourcing talents they will not find elsewhere.

The Wintegreat Program:
A springboard program of 12 weeks, hosted in the grandes écoles, to allow refugees to rebound and resume an actor position in the host society.