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Club International Verein z Integration v Ausländern in Österreich

The Club International was founded in 1983 as a counseling center for foreigners on housing issues. The cafe was intended as a place that people looking for advice like to enter without hesitation. It served as a contact point, as an antechamber of the advice center, and later also as a reception and break room for the German courses we organized, literacy courses, taxi driver training, etc.

The CI has always been a meeting point for people who are interested in the development of our area. When the construction of Yppenplatz was planned, the CI was an important crystallization point of the resistance. Within the framework of an association, residents, traders, market drivers and other interested parties have committed themselves and prevented the installation.

We see culture as an important part of neighborhood work. From day one there were exhibitions and readings. With the help of :: art projects :: (Ursula and Franz Peiffer) , this tradition has been maintained to this day.

The CI is still a meeting point for various groups and initiatives, for example the CI postal address and the seat of the Steinhof citizens’ platform ( www.steinhof-gestalten.at ).

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