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I am refugee

The vision of Was Wie Warum in Österreich (WaWiWa) is that each person living in Austria – no matter whether he moved to the country or he was born there – has the same possibilities for a successful and happy life.


Our mission
The founders and members of our non-profit civil society “I am Refugee – Verein zur schrittweisen Integration von Flüchtlingen” are partially immigrants themselves or have worked with refugees for many years and have noticed that it is always the same questions that are left unanswered when it comes to successfully integrating in Austria. Therefore, we see it as our mission that the product portfolio surrounding Was Wie Warum in Österreich (WaWiWa) provides the answers to these most important questions. For this reason we are called “What How Why in Austria”. We believe that nothing should stand in the way of taking the first steps towards successful integration – certainly not a lack of information.

How does Was Wie Warum in Österreich (WaWiWa) work?
Depending on the status of your asylum decision or your work permit, you have different possibilities regarding your integration in Austria. We have identified 8 steps for a successful integration in Austria:As an asylum seeker or as someone still waiting for the work permit, I can already do a lot of things to shape my life in Austria by using my time to…

  • learn German
  • work as a volunteer, since I don’t have a working permit in Austria, yet
  • get information about this country
  • find Austrian friends and
  • receive education
As soon as I have my work permit or my decision on asylum or subsidiary protection, I should…
  • go to work
  • find an apartment
  • register at the „Österreichischen Integrationsfonds“ (ÖIF) to get advice regarding my integration.
The team of Was Wie Warum in Österreich (WaWiWa) is convinced that these are the main steps for integration in Austria. Once you follow these 8 steps, you have everything you need to be as successful as someone born in Austria.