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The Sorority sees itself as independent, solidarity network , accessible to any * regardless of age, background, industry, education, political position.

We create analog and digital spaces for women  in order to strengthen and support each other, to exchange experiences and information related to professional and labor market issues and to learn from one another.

In various formats, we offer our members the opportunity for knowledge transfer, reflection, further training and the development of skills.

We are also creating a platform for public discourse on equality, feminism and equal opportunities in the labor market and in society. We are loud, give impulses and position ourselves in a non-partisan manner on women and socio-political issues.

The sorority is polyphonic and diverse , the association does not have a dogmatic understanding of feminism or career, but encourages every woman * to define these terms for themselves.

What exactly do we do? We meet at monthly meetings , where we exchange information in an informal setting. We also offer cross-sector workshops and skills training – and very inexpensively, because low threshold is important to us. The courses range from social media marketing to voice and speech training , argumentation training against regular table slogans and the negotiating better salaryworkshop . In addition, our art & culture series Femtrails presents  feminist works and realities of life by artists. Our Nom Nomformatagain sees itself as CV training at food & drink with experts from management levels. Our Salon Sorority reading circle is new  , with members discussing feminist works.