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VAS Osterreich Association of African Students in Austria

The Association of African Students in Austria (VAS Austria) is an association that brings together African students to share ideas as well as map out solutions to certain challenges faced by students. VAS Austria is open to all African students and currently comprises 90 members from 24 African countries. To achieve integration and contribution of young African students VAS tries to organize activities in social fields, supports solidarity and growth and improve cultural exchange and partnerships.

VAS’ mission is to create a suitable environment for academic success, to promote African culture and to encourage entrepreneurship and solidarity for a positive change.

VAS is an impartial, non-political and non-profit organisation. To achieve the above mentioned objectives, the organization has, ever since its creation, carried out activities in the following areas:

VAS Austria is an association that aims to actively participate and contribute to the sustainable development of our societies. The establishment of this association is expected to bring value to the political support as well as to strengthen the impact of the work of the young African Diaspora.

The Association of African Students in Austria (VAS Austria) is a pier association of ADYNE (African Diaspora Youth Network in Europe), who currently comprises 7000 members and reunites 120 associations. ADYNE is a platform in the making, dedicated to the development of an official network that shall enable us to represent the interest of the African Diaspora Youth living in Europe and work on strategies to strengthen the development of a constructive dialogue between European and African societies.

They dedicate on different organizations for

  • to enhance youth participation reinforce to the development of ADYNE’s platform,
  • to impact policy makers and youth policies,
  • to help shape the life of young people with African background living in Europe.