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Verein Ute Bock

The “Verein Ute Bock ” is a non-profit organisation that supports refugees with free counseling and support services. As a private initiative that advocates humanity, credibility, morality and an appreciative cooperation, we act independently of party politics and religion. Since we finance ourselves largely from private donations, it is possible for us to organize our association activities independently and autonomously. 

Asylum as an inviolable human right and the inviolability of European fundamental values ​​and fundamental rights form the basis of our association activities and all support services. On the way to integration, we offer our clients assistance in many areas: language / education (we offer literacy and German courses), social counseling, residential care (we offer accommodation) and work (we organize volunteers, arrange charitable activities).

What we want to do

The aim of our activities is to avoid or limit xenophobia, prejudice, discrimination and racism. Non-violence, gender equality, freedom of expression and the protection of personal rights, based on the democratically legitimised Austrian legal system, are central basic values ​​and principles of action for the “Refugee Project Ute Bock”. These are limited where basic rights of others are restricted or disregarded.

Ute Bock refugee project is an Austrian nonprofit organization satisfying refugees’ basic needs by providing them with shelter, food and education, regardless of their places of origin.

Homeless refugees and their families find places to live at Ute Bock house or in supervised flats, food is given out on a regular basis and the Ute Bock education center offers German, English, Mathematics and IT classes to those without access to education. Our most recent addition, “Buffalo bucks” offers afternoon learning support to refugee children. 

With your help, we can create perspectives for refugees and their families and give them a chance to shape their own future.