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e-learning platform

YMCB e-learning platform is now open to everyone

We strongly believe that there is always a way to turn difficulties into opportunities, and thus, we have decided to open the YMCB e-learning platform to everyone and give you all the possibility to start working on your business idea with the materials we developed and collected.

Please follow the instruction to access the e-learning platform:

  1. Go to ymcb.eu and click on e-learning platform 

     2. Select your language (upper-left)


      3. Click on Login (upper-right)

      4. Create new account 

      5. An email will be sent to your email address containing easy instruction to complete your registration.  

      6. Once inside remember to change your password!


Please note that the modules are added to the platform gradually.

For information or problems related to the registration procedure or to the functioning of the e-learning platform, please, send an e-mail to ymcb@mylia.com.