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YMCB business support Netherlands

New approach, new motivations!

In the Netherlands, YMCB collaborates with the EnterStart Foundation. Together we have developed a special programme comprising a series of seven webinars. The main focus of the series “How to refloat my business after the crisis?” and “How to start in the new normal, the 1 ½ meter economy in the Netherlands?”

On 13, 14 and 15 May the Part 1 consisting first three webinars of one hour were completed. In that part, the focus was on the entrepreneur, the problems faced at present and the attitude and capabilities needed to confront those problems.

It is interesting to observe that during the online training on the platform a new social network of (mainly) female entrepreneurs emerged. The interaction between attendees and the sharing of (personal) problems, challenges and business ideas helped the women to pick up motivation and (re)- gain self-confidence. They became aware and showed each other that there is indeed a chance for them to set up new businesses or adjust their existing businesses to the new after-corona reality.

The participants jointly came to the conclusion that it is time to throw away ‘old’ assumptions. The new normal calls for modification of existing plans and modes of operations. And for those not yet started it is better to formulate new plans. For all entrepreneurs, both those already in business and those planning to do so, acquiring new skills is a must as well.

Entrepreneurial qualities, such as a positive mindset, creative thinking, flexibility, decision making power and perseverance are key in overcoming present problems. The attendees felt that with the help of virtual fellow entrepreneurs this is now made possible.

During the webinars, the participants expressed their wish and need to have one-on-one coaching by experienced businessmen and entrepreneurs after the webinars. That can be instrumental in bringing their individual business (ideas) to a higher level. For YMCB and EnterStart, the next challenge will be to add mentors to the network. 

In Part 2 of the online training, the four modules developed by YMCB have integrated into the remaining four webinars of EnterStart that will be conducted on 19, 20, 26 and 27 May. These webinars will be targeting aspiring entrepreneurs.

Klaas Molenaar,  National Coordinator in the Netherlands for YMCB and Asmae Idrissy , EnterStart