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Update from the YMCB & EnterStart programme in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, YMCB collaborates with the EnterStart Foundation. After a series of seven webinars for (prospective) young migrant entrepreneurs organised in May, EnterStart is assisting their clients in developing their businesses with online coaching and peer to peer online networks.

In order to keep the participants empowered, EnterStart started directly after the YMCB webinars with one-to-one coaching. Each participant is online coached by an experienced mentor. The cross border / intercontinental participants received also one-to-one counseling. Online communication technologies have eliminated borders: everyone has access to support and coaching no matter the location. The participants are developing their business plans and three entrepreneurs are launching their businesses in July.

In addition to the one-to-one coaching, EnterStart launched another effective support tool. Two small peer-to-peer online networks of (aspiring) entrepreneurs have been created, in which the participants support, coach and advice each other on the road towards running a successful business. One network consists of female entrepreneurs and one of cross border /intercontinental entrepreneurs (this network was created directly after the first webinar, to overcome the IT barriers encountered in the countries of residence.

During the online networks the attendees share their (personal) problems, challenges and business ideas, help the (aspiring) entrepreneurs to pick up motivation and (re)gain self-confidence. They become more conscious about their skills and capabilities and motivate each other to set up (new) businesses or adjust their existing businesses.

Two webinar series are planned to be held in July and August. EnterStart is developing one webinar series, focusing on entrepreneurial mindset in order to help participants to become a successful entrepreneur. The second one will focus on develop and start your business.

Klaas Molenaar,  National Coordinator in the Netherlands for YMCB and Asmae Idrissy , EnterStart