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YMCB training mentoring

YMCB resuming its training and mentoring activities

YMCB programme with its training and mentoring activities have been on hold in Austria, Belgium and Italy since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and consequent national and/or regional measures to halt the spread of the virus. We are picking up where we left off.


The second face-to-face training session on MODULE 3: How to promote your Business Project took place on the 4th of September. On this occasion, the prospective migrant entrepreneurs had a chance to meet the mentors and get to know each other better. Mentors and their assigned mentees worked together in the training and are now meeting on a one-to-one basis according to their availability and needs. 


YMCB training is kicking off in Belgium at the end of September with regular online sessions. A preliminary bi-weekly (every other week) training schedule will be presented to and discussed with registered participants to find the best solution for all. A face-to-face session is foreseen to facilitate an introduction between mentors and mentees, however, this depends on how the COVID-19 situation evolves in Brussels over the course of the coming weeks.


A group of 16 registered mentors underwent a three-session mentoring training during the summer. The last practice-oriented, interactive session took place on Saturday, 12 September 2020. At the end of the training, a common lunch with the prospective migrant entrepreneurs following the YMCB programme has been organised. It was a great opportunity to match the groups and to lay the foundation for the development of a network. Mentors and mentees had the opportunity to get to know each other and to share their needs, goals, aspirations and expectations. After the matching, 18 mentees took part in the second training session.


A series of online training sessions in a form of webinars was developed and run by EnterStart Foundation with support from YMCB. EnterStart now focuses on innovative forms of coaching and mentoring. It has introduced three new forms based on the maturity of business idea and capabilities and interest of prospective entrepreneurs. A group of entrepreneurs help each other online with collective exchange and assistance. Secondly, online one-to-one exchange with a mentor is offered. Later this year entrepreneurs submit specific problems and requests for guidance to students at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, for example, for assistance with market research, calculating costs or setting up a liquidity plan.

YMCB training mentoring