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Azra Bekic

Azra is a horse assisted coach, NLP trainer and the founder of Grow Centar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently living in Austria, she wants to establish a horse-assisted training centre in Vienna.

Azra's entrepreneurial journey

As a horse-assisted coach and NLP trainer Azra helps people to discover inner strength and an authentic path to success, both privately and professionally.  She believes that that coaching is a silent revolution of human consciousness.

Explaining why she became an entrepreneur, Azra says: “Freedom is one of my core values and I have always known that if I want to live up to my values, self-employment and entrepreneurship are the only way.”

Azra Bekic

Azra runs her business remotely from Sarajevo, and at the same time she’s setting up a business in Vienna. Time management is one of the biggest challenges for her.  As a mother of three, Azra has to be very creative in balancing her private and professional life. She has unconditional support from her husband, and receives support from the mentors who help her to develop her business ideas, and guide her with their input and feedback. Azra followed a lot of training sessions and different programs, which she considers were very helpful.

Moreover, Azra is also a breeder of Bosnian Mountain Horse. In Bosnia and Hercegovina, she has a big stud of 50 horses living freely in nature. Last year in December, she brought two of the Bosnian Mountain Horses to Austria. “That is also a big step for me and for preserving this breed which is facing extinction. There are only 300 horses in pure blood in the whole world.”

What's next?

Talking about future plans and aspirations, Azra says: My plan is to establish a horse-assisted training centre in Vienna and develop a personal horse-assisted coaching methodology. I need a place which is suitable for that, near Vienna, and need professional support like mentoring and coaching”.

Advice for prospective entrepreneurs
“Energy flows where attention goes. Focus your attention on the opportunities that surround you, and your energy will easily find its way to success.”

Azra is from Bosnia and Herzegovina, where she used to work as an NLP trainer and coach. She founded Grow Centre in Sarajevo, providing coaching and training. Azra has been living with her family in Vienna since 2014.