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Nora Dardir

Nora is the founder and president of BEIT association based in Brussels, Belgium. BEIT is a an association promoting integration and diversity among cultures with a special interest in the Middle East.

Nora's entrepreneurial journey

Nora created the BEIT association, which focuses on culture and arts, four years ago. “BEIT in Arabic means home, I wanted to create links between people, a place of gathering for everybody, regardless of their background, interested in culture and arts. It is my own contribution to creating a better word”, says Nora.  She brought together a team mainly composed of migrants and refugees and trained them to work with her in the association. 

Nora Dardir

“I followed a number of training programmes before starting my project, in Belgium and abroad. I think that every day is an added value for me, with the people I meet, the conversation I have and the training I attend.”

For Nora, the social and cultural sectors have been a focal point for any project she identifies herself with, has she hopes to bring a positive impact on society. Over the four years of its operation, BEIT has built a good name and reputation. People are aware of their work, they trust the team and participate in their activities – that’s Nora’s success, and it makes her proud. 

Nora says she encounters challenges every day, the biggest being funding, and the selection of human resources. “The commune of Ixelles provides financial help from time to time, which makes things easier for us, but it is not a permanent, regular way yet.”

What's next?

Nora’s plan for the future is to organise more activities with more people, thus, she is looking for a bigger place and additional funding.

Advice for prospective entrepreneurs
“My advice to migrant entrepreneurs is to be proud of who you are and what you carry. Without your real identity, you cannot achieve any progress towards integration.”

Nora was born in Egypt where she set up a cultural meeting place for expats. She studied languages, translation and journalism. After leaving Egypt, she lived in France, studying journalism and working as a reporter. Nora has been living in Belgium for 14 years.

BEIT association
BEIT association