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Amila Jasarevic

Amila participated in the YMCB programme in Austria. She is planning to set up a social enterprise focused on professional development of women and business development for female entrepreneurs, working beyond borders.

Amila's entrepreneurial journey

Amila is a project manager, developing new concepts for projects that aim to improve the economic situation and development opportunities for highly qualified migrants in Austria. She is currently leading a project integrating women with migrant background in the Austrian labour market.


Amila says, “I always knew that I want to work independently, in a leading position. For me, it is important to look at the core and have the big picture. That often requires an individual approach to problems and the ability to adapt rapidly to changes. You have to be lucky to find a company that shares the same opinion on this. That´s the reason why I decided to establish my own business. Moreover, I don´t want to lose my creativity and miss out on opportunities working 8-16h in an office. With my business idea, I aim to create a modern and truly productive environment. As for the sector, I did not choose it, it has chosen me.”

Time management is one of the main challenges for Amila as she works full time, with frequent overtime, and travels a lot. She says, “To balance a private and professional life, and at the same time, start a business for the first time, it is really challenging.”  She says the unconditional support she receives from her family and friends is very helpful and encouraging.

Amila’s business ideas developed after joining the YMCB programme in Austria. The programme, inspired her to set up a social enterprise supporting the professional development of women.  She found potential business partners abroad, as she wants to expand future cooperation beyond the Austrian borders.

Amila previously followed some professional training and programmes, and she is learning French. “Besides that, I received a lot of support and I learned a lot from the YMCB crew, boosting my motivation.  My mentor showed me new perspectives and taught me new ways of how to interpret things. It is truly helpful to receive international support and to get the opportunity to work with such a professional trainer and a role model like Mag. Asetila Köstinger.“

What's next?

“My plan is to establish a social enterprise focused on professional development of women and business development for female entrepreneurs, working beyond borders. To do so, I need further support like networking and making new contacts, attending workshops on related topics and seminars on EU funding opportunities, such as ‘Design and finance cooperation, exchange and partnership projects’ or ‘How to get founded’. Any professional support like mentoring or coaching is also welcomed.”

Advice for prospective entrepreneurs
“Take opportunities and talk to different people! Stay focused, never lose your idea/final goal, but be flexible enough to absorb all the great inputs coming from the environment you surround yourself with. It should be a supportive and productive environment, sharing the same values and morals. Learn. Act. Reflect. Improve.”

Amila is originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the Yugoslav Wars, her family left Bosnia and Herzegovina, with Amila spending part of her childhood in Germany and The Netherlands. After 7 years away, her family returned to Sarajevo, where she finished secondary grammar school and started her further studies. When she was 19, Amila began to work as an interpreter for the Bosnian government, which enabled her to network and open the door to more work. In 2009, she moved to Vienna and took the opportunity to continue her studies at the University of Vienna. Amila also did part of her master studies in Paris.