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BAAS inspires, stimulates and supports enterprising young people. BAAS creates space for young entrepreneurs to turn a dream or idea into their own company. No idea is too crazy and no sector is too strange. BAAS is a network and relies on the expertise of its partners. BAAS puts you in touch with the right information and organizations. BOSS gives you a helping hand. To jump and take your chance, to commit and to go one step further each time, to rise to the next level.


BAAS makes young people aware of their own entrepreneurial spirit. Their enthusiasm, sense of initiative and ambition are identified and supported as entrepreneurship. With that as a starting point, BAAS offers the coaching and guidance that a young (future) entrepreneur needs, preferably qualitative and tailor-made.

BAAS relies on partners for this. They bring their expertise that connects BAAS with young people and their specific needs. We share know-how, exchange and build a network together.