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BECI (Brussels Enterprises Commerce & Industry)

Beci (Brussels Enterprises Commerce & Industry) is the result of the partnership between the Chamber of Commerce and the Brussels Enterprise Union: two private non-profit organizations, managed by and for their members, based on an interprofessional, neutral and bilingual model. Beci account for two-thirds of employment in Brussels and more than 35,000 companies. Natural partner of all companies active in Brussels, we provide support on three axes

  • Beci represents you: we defend the individual and collective interests of Brussels companies, wherever decisions are made that affect them.
  • Beci develops your network: through the multiple events we organize, but also through our relays (including chambers of commerce) and the provision of prospecting tools (including the Connects platform), we help companies connect, build contacts and expand their network.
  • Beci accompanies you: we provide advice and support to companies at every stage of their development, from creation to transmission and in their international deployment, with a wide range of services.