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Coordination and Initiatives for Refugees and Foreigners (CIRE)

Created in 1954, the non-profit organization CIRÉ (Coordination and Initiatives for Refugees and Foreigners) defends the rights of exiled persons, with or without a residence permit for more than 65 years.

Through its action, the CIRÉ ensures:

  • that policies are in accordance with the principles of the Declaration of Human Rights and to affirm the need to strengthen the rights of foreigners, including the right to asylum
  • to consider migrants as active citizens, who enrich our multicultural societies

The following topics are at the heart of our activities and reflections:

  • Migration policies: building humane immigration policies that respect human rights
  • Asylum and protection: defending and promoting a quality Belgian and international protection policy
  • Reception of asylum seekers: defending a quality reception policy, based on attention to the specific needs and social rights of asylum seekers
  • Stay: defend a residence policy and a quality right to family reunification
  • Integration: promoting the integration of newcomers to Belgium
  • Confinement and expulsions: combating policies of confinement and expulsion of foreigners