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Finance is a pluralistic non-profit organization that conducts its own activities, represented by its general assembly composed of citizens and organizations.
These are divided into 3 colleges:

  • the college of Financité groups, composed of legal persons and de facto associations that are committed to promoting ethics and solidarity in relations with money in order to contribute to a fairer and more humane society and who relay Financité’s continuing education work at the local level;
  • the solidarity college, composed of other legal persons and de facto associations;
  • the citizen college, composed of natural persons who wish to express their civic commitment in the financial field.

Financite has various areas of work:

  • Continuing education: Develop a continuing education action in the field of associative life aimed at the critical analysis of society, the stimulation of democratic and collective initiatives, the development of active citizenship and the exercise of civil and political, social, economic, cultural and environmental rights with a view to individual and collective emancipation of audiences by giving priority to the active participation of targeted audiences and cultural expression;
  • Search: Develop a research activity as a scientific institution in the non-market sector specializing in responsible and solidarity-based finance;
  • Service activity: Develop a responsible and supportive finance service activity and high-level expertise, providing the necessary tools to judge the existing situation but also to imagine and implement new and efficient solutions, bringing about real transformation;
  • Citizen movement: Create a citizens’ movement for responsible and solidarity-based finance that is a place for meetings, consultations and actions that brings together progressive actors in the social movement in the Wallonia-Brussels Community and the German-speaking Community.