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FinTech Belgium

he FinTech Belgium community was created at the beginning of 2015.

Its founding members are FinTech actors and people involved in the Digital Finance ecosystem in Belgium.

FinTech Belgium aims to welcome as members and/or partners, every company directly or indirectly involved in the financial services industry (banking, insurance, asset management, payment, consulting, accounting, big data, technology interfaces, etc…) and that uses or develops operational, technological or commercial innovative models with a view to improve the functioning of the industry or to address its existing or emerging issues.

FinTech Belgium is a place of exchange which enables it to federate its members and represent them outside the community.

FinTech Belgium is a lively community and a non-profit organisation led by a board of directors and managed on a daily basis by a motivated OP team. 

The main missions of FinTech Belgium are:

  • To actively and tangibly promote the FinTech sector in Belgium and Belgian FinTechs abroad.

  • To represent the sector in communications with the public authorities, media, investors, traditional players in the financial sector, research and academic centres, …

  • To participate in a platform for dialogue with regulators in order to take into account the FinTech specificities in the regulatory environment and to improve the appreciation by the regulators of the benefits brought to the consumers by FinTech.

  • To share the experience, knowledge and information within but also outside the community, in order to make FinTech attractive and accessible to anyone interested.

  • To maintain relationships with other associations of the digital sector in Belgium and abroad.

  • To organise conference-debates, meetings, brainstorming sessions and panels on different topics related to the development of FinTech in Belgium.