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ILES mission is to help job seekers in Brussels to integrate into working life by creating their own commercial and/or artistic activity. ILES offers tailor-made and personalised support.

ILES works in two main domains:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Artistic and creative projects

Any prospective entrepreneur can schedule a free info session, in which ILES staff explain scope of the work and support provided.

In addition, a number of trainings are available to tackle specific issues: development of a business plan and a business model; development of the communication and marketing plan; market study, managing finances and cash flow. A specific 2-week module guide prospective entrepreneurs though local context with a view to have a better grasp of the following the legal, fiscal, tax and regulatory framework in Brussels-Capital region, training on basics of accountancy, administrative aspects of starting a business and introduction to entrepreneurial mindset, key skills and competencies.

A tailored-made approach that corresponds to everyone’s profile and request is also available, accompanying prospective entrepreneurs though launch of their activities and providing post-creation support.

For creative and artistic projects, ILES offers individual and tailor-made support, creative entrepreneurship training program and preparation for entry into the Backstage Brussels business cooperative.