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Impulsekrediet was launched in 2012 by Hefboom. For example, a gap that arose after the Participation Fund stopped offering the Solidaire loan. Hefboom started with microcredit for entrepreneurs who have difficulty accessing bank financing.

The impact of a micro credit can be particularly great. Impulsekrediet provides microcredits to (starting) entrepreneurs in Flanders and Brussels who, for certain reasons, find it difficult to turn to a regular bank. This gives people the opportunity to step out of a negative social spiral, to develop their business plans in concrete terms and to give their professional life a boost. Thanks to Hefboom’s microcredit, they are fully active in the labor market again and can possibly create employment themselves.

In addition to the micro credit itself, Impulsekrediet also offers guidance and coaching to the borrowers. A study on the impact of microfinance in Belgium shows that guidance is the crucial factor for the ultimate success of a microcredit. That is why we provide free guidance for two years by a coach, usually a professional from the business world.