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The CoFoundry


At The CoFoundry, we believe that the focus of an entrepreneur shouldn’t be pitching for money, but building his or her product into a sustainable business. Through that vision we help entrepreneurs break through the pitching hype. We discuss entrepreneurship over a good cup of coffee. Over that cup of coffee we talk about your product, your vision and your future.


After that conversation we invite you to discuss your product with our team of entrepreneurs in residence and members of our ecosystem. In an open conversation we get to know each other better.


If there is a fit between your company and The CoFoundry, you will benefit of our ecosystem that offers the knowledge and skills that you need when you need it. Next to that, one of our entrepreneurs in residence will work closely with you to offer tailor made help. In that way we become a part of your company in order to guide you through the challenging journey that is building a viable company.