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Associazione Pontes

The association network PONTES proposes, as per its constitutive mission, in particular in the field of international cooperation, integration and immigration aims to:

  • to promote and foster economic-social, cultural and scientific cooperation between the South and the North of the Mediterranean and specifically between Tunisia and Italy, in the perspective of co-development and sustainable development;
  • to promote scientific, technological and social research projects, and to encourage scientific production in these fields through publications, seminars and conferences;
  • to promote social and cultural activities aimed at fostering the integration of immigrants in Italy through the participation and coordination of projects for the reception, accompaniment and assistance of immigrants and refugees and the promotion of a culture and policy of solidarity and education to diversity;
  • to encourage dialogue and collaboration between the Association PONTES and similar bodies, institutions and local and national Italian, foreign or supranational associations with a view to improving the process of integration of immigrants, and cooperation between the South and the North of the Mediterranean.