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Giovanisì, the Regione Toscana’s project for the autonomy of young people, is a system of opportunities structured in 7 areas: Internships, Home, Civil Service, Doing Business, Work, Study and Training and Giovanisì+ (participation, culture, legality, social and sports).

The recipients of the project are young people up to 40 years old and the opportunities are funded with regional, national and European resources (2014/2020 programming of funds POR FSE – POR CREO FESR – PSR FEASR). Giovanisì was born in 2011 with the main objective of encouraging the transition process of young people towards autonomy, through the enhancement and promotion of opportunities related to the right to study and training, support for paths for the insertion of young people into the world of work and facilitation for the start up. More than 50 opportunities related to the main dimensions of the life of a young person, coordinated communication and information and an integrated and transversal governance model are the main elements that characterize Giovanisì and that have allowed to offer concrete opportunities to more than 375,000 young people with more than 1 billion euros of resources committed.

The regional project is managed and coordinated by a dedicated office, a structure of Fondazione Sistema Toscana, based at the Presidency of the Region of Tuscany.

In the territory it is possible to receive information on the opportunities of the regional project also in the Employment Centers.