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HackYourFuture is a coding school for people that have limited access to education and the labor market. Our organisation was founded in Amsterdam in 2016 and is now active in four countries. Our curriculum is open-source and has been used by coding schools in Greece, Spain and the UK as well.

Results to date

Our coding school in Amsterdam has now graduated over 150 people and more than 85% of them found a high quality job as a developer. We are very proud of these results and our ability to make the tech sector more inclusive.

200+ Graduates in the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and Canada.
120+ Graduates in tech jobs in the Netherlands since 2016.
+85% Graduates employed as developers in the Netherlands.

HackYourFuture is a not-for-profit foundation but operates like a lean start-up. Our education is free. Around 40% of our budget is derived from education fees that we charge companies hiring our talented students. This keeps us sharp and results-oriented. The other 60% is based on sponsorship and donations.