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I participate

The Association IParticipate was born in Florence in 2015 by a group of young people from European and Extra-European countries, many of them born and/or raised in Italy. The constitution of the association comes at the conclusion of a European training path on the themes of civic engagement of the founding members and translates into civic engagement and social activism on issues that affect young people with migrant background and beyond.

We are those who in the most common denomination are considered as “second generations” but, beyond definitions, we are the most persistent representation of an increasingly multicultural society.

There are four fundamental principles: global citizenship, activism, multiculturalism and global education.

Our main areas of intervention consist in promoting and participating in awareness raising initiatives and co-development projects that address issues, such as social exclusion, immigration, education and work in order to protect and promote respect for human rights.

Seeking and implementing stable solutions based on law is our operating method, and to do this it is important to know the territory in order to create synergies and network with other realities, both of private social and public administrations.

We want to make our participation a present and connected voice, which aims to create places and moments of aggregation for all young people.