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PerMicro is one of the most important microcredit companies in Italy and operates throughout the country with a clear mission of social inclusion.

“We create employment and social inclusion through the professional provision of credit and microcredit, financial education and the provision of business start-up and accompaniment services, with a view to the sustainability of our activity. We address competent people with a good business idea and people with basic financial needs (home, health, education), excluded from traditional credit channels for insufficient credit history or precarious employment position.”

PerMicro was born in 2007 in Turin thanks to the support of Oltre Venture and Fondazione Paideia, the two founding partners. Between 2008 and 2014, the social structure of PerMicro expanded, and today it aggregates the interest of very different subjects but united by the sole objective of promoting social inclusion and employment through the practice of microcredit.

PerMicro is also a founding member of the Italian Microfinance Network (RITMI) and an active member of the European Microfinance Network (EMN).

Since its birth in 2007, PerMicro has granted 29.329 credits for a value of more than 220 million euros, contributing to support many families in temporary difficulties and encouraging the birth and development of entrepreneurial activities in different sectors, from small trade to catering, handicraft, personal services and many others.