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Bees and Refugees

Bees & Refugees…what is it all about? 

We are providing ethical beekeeping and hive making workshops for refugees and local communities in London. We work with the endangered native British Black Bee for our workshops to support their preservation in the UK.

Why beekeeping?
Beekeeping is an ancient skill with therapeutic and environmental benefits.

For refugees –
Beekeeping provides; a purpose and meaningful pursuit, a connection to social circles, businesses, and local communities, and improves mental health.

For bees – Due to farming practices with pesticides and herbicides many bees are endangered. Ethical beekeeping plays an important role in maintaining their health and ensuring their survival.

For local communities – Beekeeping benefits local biodiversity, supports the integration of refugees into local communities, teaches people about the importance of nature and ethical beekeeping brings community cohesion and offers local raw honey.