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The BITE project (Building Integration Through Entrepreneurship) is a EU-funded project that foster the integration of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa by unlocking thir entrepreneurial potential. Since 2018 the project has selected 100 migrants between Italy, Sweden and Greece in order to train them and mentor them on how to start their own business in Europe and in their country of origin.

Diasporabusiness.eu is the end point of along process started in 2018 with the launch of BITE. Over the past two years more than 100 people with an African descent living in Italy, Greece and Sweden have taken part in the rigorous training and mentoring programme developed under BITE.

Training participants acquired the right knowledge, skills, attitudes and network to develop and launch successful small and medium-sized enterprises with a positive social and environmental impact.

Diasporabusiness.eu aims to facilitate the matching between start-ups of aspiring migrant entrepreneurs and potential financial partners, creating a unique European platform that gives visibility to inclusive entrepreneurship projects