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The ME4Change Coalition is an initiative working with key business actors to drive migrant ambitions towards an entrepreneurial path, providing support schemes on how to establish and grow their business in Europe. We believe that innovative ideas deserve a chance to reach their full potential. Together we catalyze the creation of sustainable and globally competitive enterprises founded by brave entrepreneurs. 

The coalition was born as a renewed path of the ME4CHANGE Project [2017~2019]. The project was co-financed by the European Union and provided support programmes for young migrant entrepreneurs and newcomers interested in entrepreneurship. ME4Change gathered together organizations from different countries and co-designed innovative solutions for migrant inclusion. It was implemented in four European cities: Milan, Italy; Berlin, Germany; Helsinki, Finland; and Brussels, Belgium.

Adopting a “lean-startup” philosophy in our operations, we follow the 2 years of project implementation, validating our approach and methodology. Our aim is to become a reference point for migrants for finding support and valuable information, as well as having the possibility to access a powerful global network. 

Through the recognition and value of migrants’ contributions to the economy, employment, and cultural diversity, we encourage diversity of opinion and diversity of people, promoting interdisciplinary collaborations and combining a range of critical perspectives.