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ERCMOVE (Economic Resource Center for Migrants and Overseas Employees)

ERCMOVE advocates harnessing the development potential of migration by providing the means to foster the social integration and economic empowerment of migrants and overseas workers in the Netherlands that will enable them to contribute to the sustainable development of local communities in the Netherlands and in their countries of origin.

ERCMOVE aims to conduct financial literacy, gender-sensitive advocacy, education, and networking campaigns to achieve the sustainable development of local economies of migrants’ countries of origin in partnership with migrants, overseas workers, Dutch organisations, the government, and the private sector in the Netherlands.


  1. To conduct financial literacy seminars focused on microentrepreneurship, microsavings and microinvestments.
  2. To advocate for gender-responsive laws, policies, programs, and projects spurred by migrants’ and overseas workers’ revenue streams.
  3. To provide learning opportunities to various stakeholders in harnessing the potential of the savings and investments of migrants and overseas workers in the development of local economies and their families as well.