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IRN (Islamic Relief Nederland)

How it started
A group of students with hearts that beat for others joined forces in 1992 to answer cries for help from those in need worldwide. They wanted to improve the world from their small attic room in Amsterdam. Islamic Relief Netherlands was created from this willpower. The first Orphan project soon became a fact and three decades later it is still invariably the most successful project of Islamic Relief Netherlands. A foundation that has projects running in more than 27 countries. A foundation that has undergone enormous development, but has always remained close to its mission. Namely, improving the living conditions of those in need worldwide.

Islamic Relief Netherlands aims to improve the quality of life of the less fortunate worldwide. This allows them to remain resilient during calamities and to tackle the causes of poverty. That makes the help we provide sustainable.

Islamic Relief Netherlands offers help to everyone regardless of religion, ethnic background and gender. Worldwide, there are more than millions of people who depend on help and support to survive. That is what always drives us to commit ourselves. We are neutral in offering our help and thus guarantee equivalent assistance.