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The Dutch Consortium of Migrant Organisations

The Dutch Consortium of Migrant Organizations is a registered association of autonomous non-profit organizations, which currently consists of nine diaspora (both migrants and refugees) network organizations, and two diaspora knowledge centers.

DCMO unites diaspora organizations which are inspired by culture and/or faith and which share the wish to contribute in a positive way to the enhancement of a multicultural global society. Consortium members believe migration and migrants may contribute to a just development of the world.

> Belief in the positive role of migrants in the development of societies of origin and of residence
> Belief in the potential of a multicultural global society

> Promotion of active citizenship of migrants
> Recognition of the positive role of migrants
> Access to policy and decision making for migrants
Waitings from Eunomad
> More coordinated action in lobby and advocacy
> Optimal use of (tacit) knowledge of migrants
> Transnational knowledge sharing and development
> Mutual support of member organizations.