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As Truvalu, we develop fair and inclusive agro-food chains by supporting innovative and scalable enterprises in emerging markets. We train and equip entrepreneurs to triple the value of their business. As business partner, we help to overcome the pioneering gap by supporting the company through different stages of its lifecycle.

With our partners, we form a group that supports your agribusiness along the way:

● Truvalu.startups scouts, selects and supports startups through a six-month intensive program including 5K to 15K seed investment.

● Truvalu.enterprises supports businesses in their early growth phase with the aim to improve food security for the world’s poor and invests 50k to 250k.

● Truvalu.trade supports enterprises with a high quality food product to enter the European market by creating a strong product, brand, marketing strategy and access to retail.

● Truvalu.academy is as an online learning platform providing business experts and entrepreneurs with practical tools and training.