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Initially a citizen movement, SINGA creates opportunities for refugees and their host communities to meet and cooperate. Our aim is to build bridges between people, encouraging dialogue, fostering cultural enrichment and creating job opportunities. We seek to improve awareness and change perceptions about refugees and asylum seekers.

SINGA re now has a community of more than 20,000 members. It is above all a community of professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, sportsmen, dancers, singers, students who meet to help welcome refugees and enrich the asylum directory. through innovation.

SINGA is located in 4 French regions and six countries and develops tools for every citizen wishing to participate in the reception of refugees everywhere in France and in the wor

The CALM platform makes it possible to connect refugees seeking temporary accommodation with citizens who have a room to welcome them.

The Projects section strives to reveal the economic impact that refugees bring by accompanying them in their project. Finkela is the incubator to undertake together.

SINGA allows you to engage in the community through a variety of cultural activities, connecting Buddy who share common passions.