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The Techfugees’ chapter in France started in 2016. It brings together a group of active and engaged members from the French associative, tech and entrepreneurial communities all looking for solutions to improve the lives of refugees in France.

Techfugees is an impact driven global organisation nurturing a sustainable ecosystem of tech solutions supporting the inclusion of displaced people.

Techfugees exists to empower displaced persons whilst supporting tech innovations designed by, with and for them.

Techfugees: a pragmatic answer to the new reality of migration

Wars and climate change are already forcing millions of people to leave their homes everyday (2/3 of current forced displacement), and by 2050, the World Bank estimates that 143 million people will be displaced by climate change only. 

Facing this new reality (this is not a temporary « crisis »), Techfugees believes we must now work at enhancing resilience and preparedness within communities, and improve our ability to welcome people that are forcibly displaced. We no longer have the time to be FOR or AGAINST migration.  

It is time to adapt and prepare. Only by building scalable, ethical & sustainable tools will we be able to tackle one of the biggest challenges of our Century.