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Funding remains one of the major problems in setting up a business. Effective mobilisation of finance depends mainly on a proper understanding of the possibilities and options on the market including formal, informal and emerging services as well as a mutual understanding and interaction of parties involved.

For young migrant entrepreneurs

How to finance your business?

A training session dedicated to Access to Finance will be part of the support scheme’s Education & Training. Participants will have a chance to learn on available financial services and how to access them, and discuss different options with the trainers and mentors. They will be provided with an online guide on access to finance for migrant entrepreneurs.

For mentors and trainers

Provide information to mentors and trainers about the latest financial services available for young migrant entrepreneurs, train them on how to implement it in the training and how to advise potential entrepreneurs.

An online guide will be developed and shared with mentors and trainers in the second year of the project.

For Financial Services Providers

An online guide for financial services providers presenting case studies of successful existing schemes for young migrant entrepreneurs and recommendations on how to extend services to this target group with untapped potential.